From left to right:
Marcelo Ledd (drums), Marco Anvito (bass, vocals), Alexandre Carreiro (guitar), Vitor Cohfanos (guitar)

Hicsos is a band from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil which exists since 1990. Their musical style mixes up Thrash Metal with Hardcore and their lyrics talk about religion, politics, human personality conflicts and daily issues. Being active and on the stage is part of the personality of this band, which throughout their career played along great names of Brazilian and worldwide Metal scene. The gigs present a big interaction and the audience has already elected some of the most recent songs as "Face to Face", "Technologic Pain" and "Patria Amada" among their favorite ones.


Circle of Violence (CD+DVD, December, 14th 2018)

Circle of Violence
(CD + DVD)
  1. Can't Bang Terror
  2. Destruction
  3. Angel Ripped
  4. What You Reap
  5. Now You're Dead
  6. Mirror Eyes
  7. Black Rain
  8. Needles
  9. Burn In Hell
  10. Horrospital
  11. Money Becomes God
  12. Prison Without Walls
  • 26 years of Thrash Violence
€ 20.00