From left to right:
Marek -Maro- Lapka (bass), Matt Lipik (guitar), Pawel -Probosc- Moniczewski (vox), Jakub -Koala- Karwacki (drums), Marcin Nowobilski (guitar)

Asylum appeared on the underground metal stage in 2004 in Zakopane, Poland under the name Louis Cypher. Two years later the formation changed its name to Guardian Of Soul. As in the case of many teams in the initial period of activity they had place of numerous reshuffles. After three years with the band's name changed, its composition stabilized. Under the Asylum name - in November 2007 the band recorded their debut EP titled "Beyond Beliefs". Currently, Asylum is at the stage of searching for the publisher of the INDEPENDENT album and own concert promotion of this material.

ASYLUM (CD - January, 29th 2021)

(Album / CD)
  1. You Will Die
  2. Dreadfull Anarchy
  3. State Of Oppression feat. Uapa Terror
  4. Age Of War
  5. Enemy
  6. Like Animal
  7. Rwanda
  8. Hunting Season
  9. Saint
  10. About Gods
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